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Hi, I'm Greg. 

I was born with a clubfoot and one leg shorter than the other. These have forced me to be resourceful.

My mission is to share what works for me and to learn from others.

I've had many game-changing discoveries over the years. Some were shared by other people, and some I stumbled upon myself. I'm sure you have too, so let's share and learn and grow TOGETHER.

Learning and growing together

The thing is, beyond a certain point we have to drive our own progress. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful for the doctors who did my five surgeries. My life would be very different without them. But there’s a lot of extra stuff that we don’t get told, such as issues that may arise in the future… and possible ways to deal with them.

Dr Stephen Thielke is an inspiring voice on this topic. He’s a big advocate for better follow-up information and more holistic knowledge sharing.

For example, last year I heard for the first time about the Rexona-roll technique for tight arches. Wow, what a difference that makes. I wish I had been doing it for the last 20 years.

I also recently discovered that chiropractors can work wonders with feet (I thought they only work with spines!) Previously, I had been told that the condition of my foot was the way it will always be... well I’ve now discovered that my foot CAN IMPROVE with the right help.

Hopefully this site can contribute in some small way. Maybe the parents of child with clubfoot will read this and be aware of new possibilities to try. Maybe their child will be able to prevent some of the clubfoot problems that I’ve had.

Working on the body AND mind

mind body connection and clubfoot
Beyond physical topics, this blog will focus on the mind. 

First, mindset. It's been massively valuable for me to work on my mindset. I think of it as another tool in the kit to stop me from getting knocked down when pain comes up or things go wrong. 

Another catch phrase is emotional wellbeing. This is broader than mindset and revolves around healthy routines.

These two should really be taught to every person, but they're particularly valuable when you're facing a challenge like chronic pain.

Finally, we'll also explore the mind-body connection. Beyond all the stuff about improved health and mental capacity, the mind-body connection is a powerful tool for dealing with tight muscles and pain. Some may laugh at it, but hey, it's made a massive difference for me.

Embracing growth, not perfection

I don't have it all figured out. I still get some pain. I still get frustrated. 

But I have vastly improved my pain situation, increased my range of movement, and am focused on the vital "soft" wellbeing skills. 

So here I'll share experiences, books and resources that have helped me, and anything else that may be useful to others.

We are stronger when we work together and share experiences, so let's do it! 

Kia kaha (be strong),

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